Any of these problems with your home lately?  Let Waters Edge Pressure Washing, LLC solve them!


Pressure washing your driveway is great for tough to clean stains like mold, algae, dirt, and other forms of grime that set on the surface over time.  Our high pressure surface cleaner makes for efficient and effective cleaning, ultimately saving you time and effort.  Let Waters Edge Pressure Washing, LLC do the hard stuff!


  • Minimum = $175


Are your gutters green? Is your siding overrun by black mold or green algae?  Its best to let our professionals clean your dirty house with our safe and refined soft washing technique. With our low-pressure applications we can clean your home’s exterior without the risk of damaging its surface. Most homeowners who try to clean their house with a simple pressure washer end up causing damage and not fully
killing the organic growth that plagues their siding.

Our house wash includes cleaning of the siding, trims, gutter exteriors, and porch areas.  Prices may vary due to factors of siding type and condition.  Call to schedule a free estimate.


  • Siding Less than 2000 Sq. Ft. = $225
  • Siding From 2000-3000 Sq. Ft. = $300
  • Siding More than 3000 Sq. Ft. = $350+

ROOF Cleaning

Are there black streaks on your roof?  Those black streaks are mold rooting into and eating away at your shingles, leading to costly repairs in the near future.  Let us clean your roof for a fraction of the cost to replace it, while extending its lifespan for years to come.

The pricing below reflects our minimum based on the best factors and conditions, but every roof is different and unique, so your best bet is to call and allow us to quote your roof personally.


  • One Story Roof = $500
  • Two Story = $650 +

rust stain removal

Is your home’s exterior suffering from hard water stains or rust?  Easy day!  This is something we certainly can achieve.  From the driveway to your home’s siding, reach out to us and detail your needs so we can tailor a solution just for you.

Pricing for rust stain removal can vary greatly depending on the severity of the stain.  If the stain is on the sidewalk or driveway, we like to treat the entire section so there is no silhouette of a former stain and it blends nicely.  Therefore, the best option is to contact us for a solution tailored to your specific needs! 

Frequently asked questions

We guarantee our roof cleaning service with a 2 year warranty, but the real value of a roof cleaning is the protection of your roofs lifespan by eliminating the organic growth feeding away at your shingle roof.

Our main solution for protecting your home from harmful organic grime is sodium hypochlorite, which is found in products you may be familiar with like house hold bleach or pool chlorine.

All of our solutions are biodegradable such as our fence restoration solution which is hydrogen peroxide based degrades into oxygen and water.

We take great strides to protect your home.  Our very first step upon arrival is property protection where we wrap any electrical outlet or device, seal doorways, and remove any items that may be in the work areas.  Also, throughout the cleaning process we protect all plant life by constant watering.  Rest assured your home is in great hands.

We have a contactless service where every step in the process, from the estimate to the payment, requires no spatial interaction with the client.  We have contactless payment where we email you your invoice with an easy-pay link.  Even during this pandemic your home integrity should not have to suffer.

You can call or text us at 904-994-5320 for a quick response or you can click this LINK to fill out a form detailing your needs.